Things I Love Thursday

15 Jul

Jumping on the bandwagon of gratitude….

TILT: The Weasleys Twins. These are my cats. They’re orange and I adopted them about a year ago. They’re also from the same litter. I already had a cat named Georgie when I was little so one of them is Ron and the other is Charlie. They are my favorites.

TILT: Blueberry coffee, oatmeal with peanut butter, cranberry juice. This is my go-to breakfast just about every morning because its filling, delicious and just puts me in a good mood. So there.

TILT: Karaoke and art galleries – Recently did both in the city. Oh my God, so much fun. Perfect day.

TILT: Macarons. This gets its very own line because honestly, I just discovered these beautifully colored cookies (and by ‘discovered’, I mean saw online and hunted down immediately) and they are as amazing as they look. Someone ship me to France so I can get my hands on the real deal.

TILT: One month, no insomnia. My insomnia will, no doubt, become a constant theme on this blog. One month without it, is really cause for a party. I woke up naturally! I wasn’t tired or grumpy! These are miracles, everyone.

TILT: Audrey Tatou. I recently watched “Amelie”. Then I netflixed the romcom “Priceless”. She is so pretty and delicate and lovely and I really just love to listen to her speak.

TILT: This Picture.

What are some things you love this Thursday?


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